December, 2012


Co-washing for busy women

My last relaxer touchup stretch was 16 weeks and it is the longest I’ve ever gone. I would say that the thing that contributed most to my ability to stretch for that long was co-washing. I think that when I got to 10 weeks, I used to co-wash twice a week in addition to my regular washing and deep conditioning day. For this stretch, my favorite co-wash conditioner was Salon Selectives Daily Treatment S, Smooth & Shine Conditioner. I’m sure some people would love to co-wash more frequently but haveRead More

Co-washing in braids

My last stretch was 16 weeks and co-washing was one thing that helped me make it through. When I got to 13 weeks, I started co-washing in braids. The reason I did this was to reduce breakage that might have occurred when I wet detangled my overdue hair. I usually do my co-washing on weekday evenings. First, I detangle my hair section by section with my fingers Next, I divide my hair into 4 sections and then I braid each section. I stand in front of the mirror and  IRead More

What are silicones?

When I first started my hair journey, I was having such dry hair no matter what I did. In my quest to find out what was wrong, I stumbled on the term silicones, cone-free, water–soluble cones, etc. The term ‘cones’ are just an abbreviation of the word Silicones. So, what are silicones? They are artificial substances derived  from silicon and their basic structure is made of repeated units of silicon, oxygen, hydrogen and other chemical elements. oxide. They are extremely versatile substances and occur in different forms. Some of theirRead More

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