Wash day – left my hair pinned up for 3 days

So, I washed my hair on Tuesday but only just let it down today!


Monday night: I applied some old oils to my scalp and massaged my scalp with my Tangle Teezer Brush. I had mixed the oils a while ago and I’m not too sure what oils ares in the bottle cos’ I hadn’t labelled it_braided my hair in 4 sections and then applied Jamaican Black Castor Oil Protein Conditioner to each section. Put on a shower cap then a beret and went to bed. The following morning (Tuesday morning), I wore my heating cap for about 30 minutes and then allowed my hair to cool off.


Next, I undid each braid carefully. I did notice a bit of breakage but nothing abnormal. I washed my hair with Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo and my hair didn’t feel dried out at all.

Deep condition

I was so sad because I’m out of my regular conditioner, Silk Elements Kera Minerals Deep Conditioner. I had some conditioner that I had bought a while ago so I decided to give it a try. It’s called Neriah Naturals Sweet Buttercream Deep Conditioning Treatment. When I applied it to my hair, it really made my hair feel soft.

I wore my heating cap for about 30 minutes and then I decided to apply some grapeseed oil on top of the conditioner to seal in the moisture. Then I did something I don’t usually do: I applied some of my GVP Silk Remedy Serum on top  of this. I sat underneath my hair dryer for about 20 minutes and then allowed my hair cool off. Although I detangled my hair in the shower, it wasn’t so easy for me to comb through my hair. I was surprised because my initial impression of the conditioner was that it made my hair soft. Could it be the Silk Remedy Serum I added at the  last step?


After rinsing off the conditioner, I squeezed off the excess oil with a t-shirt. Next, I applied my leave-in conditioner, Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Split End Protector. I smoothened the top of my hair with a medium-sized comb and then detangled my hair again with  a wide-tooth comb. Afterwards, I twisted my ends and pinned up my hair. I tied my hair with a scarf and went about my day.

Since then I have just left my hair pinned up and undid the twist today (Friday).The ends were a bit frizzy when I undid the twist. Anyways, I tried finger combing through my hair but I noticed a little more breakage than normal. I combed through with my widetooth comb and there was no breakage. Huh? That was funny. Usually, most people say their hair breaks less when they finger comb.. Every time I’ve put my fingers in my hair today, it breaks…but I’ve tried combing again and very little breakage with the comb..I do think my hair prefers actual combing to finger combing. In fact, I’ve decided to do another post just on combing and finger combing. LOL!

Sizzling mommy wash day 15th march 2013 pic 2 Wash day sizzling mommy march 11th 2013

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10 Comments to Wash day – left my hair pinned up for 3 days

  1. I should read more of your blog. I need to start paying to the way I treat my hair.

  2. […] or home is dry or air conditioned, your hair might also need more frequent moisturizing. During my last wash day, I commented that my hair was breaking a little bit more than normal. I had kept my hair pinned up […]

  3. kemi says:

    My hair is very soft and is just on a stand point without improving. What can i do to make it more fuller and longer?

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      To make your hair look fuller, you can:
      1. use a conditioner that contains a protein e.g keratin, collagen
      2. apply jbco and amla oil to your scalp regularly. They are helpful for some people.
      3. use products that contain panthenol
      4. choose to relax your hair till it is completely straight
      5. relax your hair not more than once every 3 months.

      To make it longer, you need to maintain your hair length that grows in:
      1. you can take hair supplements that contain MSM to lengthen your hair’s growth cycle. E.G hairfinity
      2. deep condition your hair weekly (when you’re not on a weave-on or braids)
      3. moisturize your hair once a day.

  4. wunmi says:

    my hair is not so long ad it breaks easily, plz wat do i do?

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