Choosing a deep conditioner..the way it makes your hair feel!

Choosing a deep conditioner you really love can be difficult sometimes. There are occasions where I have liked the ingredients in a conditioner but when I used it, my hair hated it! Sometimes, I have also used a conditioner with unimpressive ingredients and my hair LOVED it. Has that ever happened to you?

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When I choose deep conditioners, its ingredients are very important to me. In addition to choosing a deep conditioner based on its ingredients, I also look at the way it makes my hair feel. I’ve classified the way conditioners work on the hair into 4 (based on some conditioners I’ve tried in the past):

1. Gives your hair great slip and leaves your hair feeling soft when it dries.
– Vanilla silk dreams conditioner
– Silk dreams avocado pudding
– Garnier Fructis Nutri-repair 3 huiles (bought it in Paris)
– John Frieda frizz-ease miraculous recovery intensive masque (bought this on my last trip to Paris)
– Joico moisture recovery conditioner for dry hair

2. Gives your hair great slip and DOES NOT leave your hair soft when it dries.
– Silk Elements Kera minerals deep penetrating conditioner
– Aussie moist 3 minute miracle deep conditioner 

3. Does not give your hair slip but leaves your hair soft AFTERWARDS.

– Kenra moisturizing conditioner
– GVP Hydrating balm

4. Does not give your hair slip and DOES NOT leave your soft either.
– Queen Helene cholesterol
– Creme of nature nourishing and strengthening treatment ( I had such great hopes for this conditioner cos’ Hairlicious uses it and it has great ingredients)
– Jamaican black castor oil conditioner (also has a lot of essential oils but my hair gets harder when I use it)
– Jamaican black castor oil protein conditioner ( makes my hair stronger but I have to use another conditioner to soften my hair. Not my top choice of a protein conditioner)
– Kerapro conditioner for dry to very dry hair (lots of people swear by this conditioner but does nothing for me).

What does your conditioner do for your hair?




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4 Comments to Choosing a deep conditioner..the way it makes your hair feel!

  1. ifai says:

    I use queen Helen on dry hair to DC and the results are SUPERB – great slip and soft hair. I was about to throw the jar away b4 i discovered this by chance! On wet shampooed hair it is terrible.

  2. ifai says:

    Yipee my comment was submitted. At last i can send comments again.

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