Hair questions on air drying and a little more.

A young lady left a comment on  my blog which I’ve divided into 3 questions. Please read her question below.

Q: Hi I just wanted to say that I came across this site about 2 months ago, when I started my journey.  In the beginning, my hair was fine with minimal damage after my relaxer, but then I began to air dry. No matter how many times I try after a wash, I always end up with tangled dry hair that breaks with every touch.  I did an egg treatment two weeks ago, that helped, but yesterday I air dryed again and  my hair is still dry and damaged and breaking! I don’t know what to do!  Before, I must admit that I was reckless with my hair, I had actually left my hair in braids for almost 6 months ( in my family hair has never been a priority)  and I suffered major damage when I took them out. But I got a trim and my hair seemed healthy for the first few weeks before the air drying.  Please help, and can you also give me airdrying alternatives (I’m done with that) and hair band alternatives.

Air drying can break your hair if you’re not using the right products or following the right techniques or you have very coarse and/or ‘texlaxed’ hair. You can read this link on HOW I AIRDRY MY HAIR WITHOUT FRIZZ.

However, if your hair is still breaking when you air dry, you can try:

  1. Blow drying your hair with COLD air; OR Blow dry hair
  2. Rollerseting your hair. That will leave your hair feeling silky and smooth.

Q: I’m 15 and it is a requirement to wear our hair in a ponytail 24/7 in school,  and I always find clumps of hair on my ponytails whenever I take them out, and I promise they are not even rubber or with the metal bands! I really don’t understand. Since I’ve started, I’ve been doing everything by the book: Preepoo, DC’S, treatments, greenhouse, you name it! My parents think its ridiculous because I say I’m on a healthy hair journey, but my hair is even worse than it was before!

Have you tried using satin scrunchies? Using banana clips are also a good idea. Do you pack or bun your hair when it’s wet? That can also lead to breakage. Can you check the ingredients of all the products you’re using. Do they contain proteins, mineral oil and/or petrolatum? Sorry about the comments of your parents: it takes a while to get the hang of a healthy hair journey… so don’t worry about that.

Satin scrunchie

Satin scrunchie

Q: Ps, my hair is about collarbone length and seriously uneven. I’m not considering cutting it any shorter because I know that has never been a good look for me. Sorry for the long post and thank you so much.

Since your hair is seriously uneven and you don’t want to cut it shorter, I advise that you trim your hair gradually over a period of time till you achieve ends.

Can you ladies suggest more tips for our lady above?

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2 Comments to Hair questions on air drying and a little more.

  1. Willow says:

    Thanks so much for your help! Hehe, I’m happy to say that your tips have helped me alot! Washdays are no longer the nightmare they used to be, and my hair doesn’t break as much as it used to! I have no idea if you you got the email I sent you a while ago but anyway, my new problem is shedding. I tried the black tea rinse and it made absolutely no difference. Please help ! Thanks again.

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      Hi Willow… I’m glad to learn that your tips helped you!!! I did get the mail and I’m so sorry I didn’t respond…About the shedding, you could try taking some MSM supplements…or try using Aloe vera juice on your scalp or garlic infused oil.

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