I want to look this good when I grow up! Angela Bassett

I have always admired Angela Bassett’s toned body (especially her arms of steel. No Sister Amaka arms there at all!) She’s kept it looking that way and I must say she’s aging very gracefully.


For her role as Tina Turner in What’s love got to do with it?, she received an Academy Award nomination for best actress. She also got a Golden Globe award for this same role.
I also loved her in How Stella got her Grove back. She was the perfect person for that role…With that super – toned body of hers!
She’s married to fellow actor, Courtney B. Vance (well known for his role in The Preacher’s wife).
She has had her own personal struggles after going through several years of failed fertility treatments, including IVF. The good news is she now has her biological children using a surrogate: fraternal twins Bronwyn Golden and Slater Josiah.

When preparing for her Tina Turner role, Angela worked closely with personal celebrity fitness trainer, David Sinnot, to prepare her total body workout.
She trained smart and her workout plan was particularly suitable for women. The plan works for women who want to be muscular but not too muscular; fit but not too fit; and sexy but not too sexy. Surprisingly, she worked out for only two hours a day and for two days a week and achieved a beautiful, lean body in the end. She only ate things like potatoes, starches and fish because they contained complex carbs and lean proteins. She also ate lots of vegetables, fruits and for lean protein; she ate things like chicken and fish.
She continues to maintain her toned body moderate, consistent exercise and healthy eating. In her words, “I am the free weights queen, a few reps a week, keep it tight and toned. My goal with exercise is I try to do it more often than not.”
She also says that with twins she can’t live in the gym anymore.

Other tidbits about Angela Bassett.
1. She takes Hairfinity (a vitamin supplement that is reported to aid hair growth)
2. She avoids shampoos filled with sodium lauryl sulphates because they are drying to the hair.
3. She uses bearberry extract to treat hyperpigmentation. This is an all-natural skin lightener, unlike hydroquinone
3. She uses Dremu Oil. According to Angela, “This anti-wrinkle, anti-aging oil is like a face lift in a jar. It is 100% emu oil and one of the purest forms I’ve tried.”
4. She loves pure oxygen facials because they really make her look refreshed.
5. She is a vegetarian and a fan of raw and organic foods.
6. She tries to limit her use of microwaves.

I really think mostly you have to get away from the chemicals. Remember that your skin is the largest organ of your body. The less artificial ingredients and chemicals that I’m putting on and into those pores, the better.

Honestly, I just try to keep smiling. A smile holds everything up. Take great care of my teeth, dentures are not sexy.

In the end, I just try to embrace life. You can’t avoid the stresses of family and work, but you can’t fixate on the stress either. You have to allow yourself to put it all to bed at the end of the day.






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