March, 2014


Know your ingredients: Behentrimonium Methosulfate

What is Behentrimonium Methosulfate? Behentrimonium methosulfate (BMTS) is a quaternary ammonium compound used in conditioners, shampoos, and lotions to give them a slippery feel. It is NOT related to Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) which can be extremely drying to the hair. It is: An anti-static agent and is one of the mildest detangling ingredients out there. It is recommended for use in baby products which are left on the skin; A hair conditioning agent; Made from non-genetically modified rapeseed oil; Good because it does not cause build-up on the hair;Read More

Product haul: Giovanni 2chic Brazillian Keratin and Argan oil shampoo & more!

Happy Monday everyone!  One of my dear blog readers asked me to do a review of Giovanni 2chic Brazillian Keratin and Argan oil shampoo and so I just purchased it to try it out. I decided to add its conditioner and another conditioner (Mill Creeks Henna Conditioner) to my cart. No use paying shipping fees for only one product!! 😛

Sunday hair

Hi peeps! Happy Sunday! It’s about 13 or 14 weeks since my last retouch but I’m happy my hair is not looking too bad…I’m thinking of going for another month before I touch up but it depends on if my hair starts looking too bad or it gets too unmanageable. I simply sprayed some leave-in lightly, used my hands to smooth the top and tied my satin scarf. I detangled the front, wet it lightly  and rolled it. I took it out after about 30 minutes so the curl didn’tRead More

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