May, 2014


Hairline growth challenge June 1st – August 31st 2014

I did a ponytail last week and I noticed that a little corner of my edges had ‘chopped’. I wasn’t so sure and I let it slide. However, when I was washing my face before bed a few days ago, I saw it properly. I have decided to take some time to pamper my edges and hopefully, it will fill out again. My ‘Suspect offenders’ Hair bonnets Scarves Hats My face wash and cleanser My plan for the next three months No hair bonnets. I’ll use a satin pillow caseRead More

A list of bloggers who are still relaxed!

Yesterday, I was telling you guys that some relaxed hair bloggers were transitioning to natural hair. So, I decided to go searching for ladies who are still relaxed…..don’t be surprised that someone in this list might join the transition train soon though..THIS LIST IS NOT EXHAUSTIVE….Feel free to add more blogs in the comments section below. Hairlicious inc… I stumbled on her blog sometime in 2009 and she is the main reason I started my hair journey. Naija hair can grow..a fellow naija sister Today’s naira… another naija sister Saving ourRead More

Some of my favourite relaxed hair bloggers are transitioning to natural hair!!!!

Hi people. I just learnt that Ebony Princess of Longing4length blog is transitioning to ‘unrelaxed’ hair. I wasn’t surprised anyways because I think this has become a trend in the relaxed hair blogosphere. I have also considered going natural but if I were to do it, I’ll do the big chop. I just don’t have the stomach to handle transitioning. However, I’m staying relaxed for now. Other bloggers who I know that are also transitioning are: Shanique from Journey to waist length hair Jen from Just grow already Traycee ofRead More

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