August, 2014


Mid-week wash day

Hi peeps. I was really enjoying my hair after my last wash day. If you recall, I had deep conditioned my hair overnight. My hair needed no moisturizer for 2 days which is not normal for me. I usually have moisturize my hair daily. Anyways, I kept having this desire to deep condition my hair (it’s becoming an addiction) and yesterday was a day off for me. About 3 pm yesterday, I co-cleansed my hair, applied some Strong Roots Pimento oil to my scalp then slathered my conditioning mix (HairvedaRead More

Wash day – 22nd/23rd August 2014

I’m a confirmed mixologist. I mix products for two main reasons: 1. I like many products and don’t want to miss out on their benefits. So, I mix them altogether. Lol 2. I like to reduce my steps. So, I mix them altogether. If you want to mix, make sure you’ve tested the product on its own first. Know what your hair likes before you become a mixologist if not you’ll get more confused. Anyways, on this wash day, I tried something new: overnight deep conditioning. 1. Applied Ouidad’s SalonRead More

SUNDAY SOUND OUT: Tea rinses? Greenhouse effect? Aloe Vera?

Q1: Hi. Please I would like to try the black tea rinse but I have some questions. Please how many weeks post-relaxer should I try it? Should I pre-poo as always? While moisturizing after the tea rinse, what should I use? A protein conditioner to deep condition or a moisturizing deep conditioner? My hair is shedding due to postpartum causes. A: Hi dear reader. You can try tea rinses at any time in your stretch. You can also pre-poo as you usually do. Some women do shed postpartum and there is usually nothing toRead More

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