I roller set my daughter’s hair!!!!

I have mentioned my youngest daughter’s hair before on this blog. She will be three in December. It is growing, albeit slowly, but growing. I try to deep condition her hair at least once every two weeks. After trying out several conditioners, I have settled on this one: Franck Provost reparation conditioner. On our last wash day:

Deep conditioning

I added a little coconut, avocado and olive oil to the deep conditioner. Next, I applied this to her hair and let her play around the house for about 3 or 4 hours.

Applied some water and massaged the conditioner in her hair before rinsing it out.


Applied my natural hair home-made leave-in conditioner (consisting of Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner + castor oil + aloe vera juice + rice bran oil + hempseed oil + avocado oil + jojoba oil).


I was thinking of a nice way to stretch her hair while it dried and I decided to roller set it!!! I was thinking she wouldn’t sit down calmly for me to do it but guess what?? Armed with her favourite cartoon, I was able to complete it in less than 30 minutes. She played about the house for the rest of the day and I took them out before dinner (about 5 hours of air drying).

Her hair came out so soft, fluffy and bouncy. It might have been smoother if I had taken extra time to detangle it with a small comb or made the rollers firmer but I was just trying to be as fast as I could. For the week, I just put her hair in 6 pigtails and it is the softest it has ever been!!!

If you have an older daughter who will be able to sit for a longer time, you might want to try roller setting her hair to smooth it out!!



A video showing how soft and fluffy her hair was afterwards.

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