Hair of the day 4th March 2015

Hi peeps. I apologize for my absence for the blog. I promise to make amends!
Last night, while I was watching TV (I always do that once the kids are in bed), I decided to weave my hair and I used Ecostyler gel (argan oil version) as my holding product. I think there were about 12 – 14 plaits in total and I used perm rods to curl the ends.
I undid it this morning with my hands lubricated with argan oil. Using an oil to lubricate your hands while undoing a braid or twist reduces frizz. Had to take a carselfie cos I don’t know how it will look later in the day.




Have a blessed day dear people and follow me on instagram for more pictures HERE.

*Edited 1 hour after first publishing*
I took some more pics indoors.


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4 Comments to Hair of the day 4th March 2015

  1. Andrea B says:

    Great results! I love the definition.

  2. blessing says:

    Wow! Its been ages doc!hw did u apply d ecostyler gel? Was it before,during or after u braided? And what other alternative gel will work,can I use d popular spray gel or d regular black thick type we c in most saloons in nig.also ill like to knw if it will work on bone straight retouched hair,although my hair is 4wks post relaxer. Missed u doc! Great to have u back!

    • Dr Fomsky says:

      Thanks dear. I applied the ecostyler gel before I braided, using it the way I would use my hair moisturizer. Since this is my first time trying this, I am not sure what other gels can work but I believe any gel that has moderate hold with no flakiness can work whether your hair is bone straight relaxed or not. 🙂

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