Wednesday, August 19th, 2015


Length check on air dried hair – 23rd July 2015

I did this length check on my air-dried hair the day after relaxing it. You can read about the relaxer day HERE. What I did was to divide my hair into sections: Front, Crown, Back and then measure each area separately. I stretched the hair in these sections as much as possible to see its true length.   My hair grows at different rates in these different sections so it is quite uneven and I haven’t done a true trim since I cut my hair in 2013. I will keep doing only micro-trimsRead More

T25 – day 3

25 minutes of this Total Body circuit left me sweating so bad. This video also has 3:15 minutes of cool-down and stretch. If you hate planks and burpees, then you are going to hate this workout: Shaun T brings in different variations of planks and my arms & shoulders are killing me. Total calories burned: 244 How I maintain my relaxed hair during workouts Talk to you soon! P/S: Check out my SITEMAP to see all the posts on this blog listed topically!

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