September, 2015


Relaxer day update (7 weeks post): 11th September 2015

Hi people!! Yes I relaxed my hair at 7 weeks post-relaxer!! I think I was tired of under-processed hair and I had had enough. I called my stylist to come over and we got down to business. On a side-note, if/when I do decide to go natural, I will probably do a big chop immediately. No transitioning for me. Don’t know if I can handle two textures. PRE-RELAXER 1. Sectioned my hair into 6. One on the left side. One on the back. Two horizontal sections on the right. 2Read More

Weigh-in: T25 {End of Week 3}

Hi guys! I am so sorry for not giving this update earlier: I have been having a severe back ache which prompted me to stop any major exercise. I am however happy with the progress I was making prior to this issue. In addition to my T25 workouts, I was doing some extra cardio, pilates, dancing and jogging. Plus I was eating as healthy as possible. New weight: 71.6 kg (5th September 2015) Last week’s weight: 72.6 kg I’ll be back next week with another update!

Backstage hair diaries #2. Single strand knot galore! Daily combing!

The Backstage Hair Diaries is an attempt to document my journey to find a hair regimen that suits me. I am looking for a regimen that pleases me with regards to aesthetics, hair thickness, hair length and ease. I don’t mind being experimental with my hair until I find something that works. After my last wash day, I noticed that I had a number of single strand knots on the rear section of my hair. I trimmed them off. I think it had to be from my days of not moisturizing my hair lastRead More

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