Sunday Sound Out: solving the mystery of how to use light protein conditioners weekly

Hi guys! Hope y’all having a lovely Sunday? Today, I want to let you into an email conversation I had with one of my lovely blog readers a few weeks ago.

Q: Hello sizzling mummy. Please I need your help: my hair lacks protein & it has more moisture. I usually wash my hair after every 2 weeks & I alternate between protein deep conditioning and moisturize deep conditioning? Do I need to do more protein deep conditioning? And also what’s the best protein treatment product I could use please?

Me: Hello dear. It depends on if you feel your hair is too mushy. What protein and moisturizing conditioners are you using? You could try using Aphogee 2-minute reconstructor for a few minutes after rinsing out your shampoo. No need to come out of the shower. Do a foot scrub or something. Rinse it out. Follow it up with a deep conditioner. OR you could use a light protein conditioner on every wash day. You can try using my favourite conditioner, Pura body naturals chocolate smoothie. ORS HaiRepair conditioner is another good option. So is the Aphogee 2-minute I mentioned above.

Her 1st response: I use ORS hair mayonise as my protein conditioner then Cream of Nature Argan Oil intensive hair treatment as my moisturizing deep conditioner. I will try and use a light protein on each wash day as you said. Should the ApHogee two-minute be followed with a moisturizing conditioner? And also the light protein: should it be after deep conditioning ?

Me: Yes you can follow up the Aphogee 2-minute reconstructor with a moisturizing deep conditioner. Your steps should be like this:
1. Shampoo
2. Apply light protein conditioner (e.g ApHogee 2-minute). Leave it in for 2 minutes. Rinse it out.
3. Apply a moisturizing deep conditioner. Leave it in for about 20 minutes to an hour. Rinse it out. Dry and style your hair as you please.

Her 2nd response: Hello sizzling mommy. Today was my wash day and it went well: I used the ApHogee two minute reconstructor just as you advised. Please how often should I use it? Secondly, on my next wash day I intend to do a protein deep conditioning with ORS hair mayonnaise. Is there a need to follow up with a moisturizing deep conditiong or no need? Thank you

Me: I am so happy that your wash day went so well. I think that what you can do is to rinse out the ORS Mayonnaise. Next, apply the moisturizing conditioner and leave it on for about 5 – 10 minutes and then rinse out. What moisturizing conditioner are you going to use?

3rd response: My staple, Cream of nature argan oil intensive conditiong treatment, as my moisturizing conditioner or should I try another? How long should I leave the ORS mayonnaise for?

Me: CON argan oil conditioner is a great choice for a moisturizing conditioner. 20 minutes to 1 hr with the ORS mayonnaise is ideal.

4th response: Thank you dear for the quick response. How about wash days I choose to do a moisturizing deep conditioning? Do I need to do protein also and the ApHogee 2-minute, how often should I use it? Please once more thank you for the help.

Me: You are most welcome. You can do this: use the Aphogee 2 minute every week or every other week. If you want to use it every week, apply it for only a few minutes, rinse out and apply your deep conditioner. If you want to use it every other week, then do something like this:
Week 1: Shampoo – Aphogee 2 minute – moisturizing conditioner
Week 2: Shampoo – moisturizing conditioner
Week 3: Shampoo – Aphogee 2 minute – moisturizing conditioner
Week 4: Shampoo – moisturizing conditioner
Keep a wash day diary and assess which day your hair feels better and experiences less breakage and you can then decide which combination works better than the other.

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