Happy New Year from me

Hi everyone. This post is really coming late I know. I have been meaning to put it up but I have been going through some personal stuff. I had a health scare but I thank God it was not what I had imagined it to be.

So, how is everybody doing? I hope you have been great?

In the last few months, my  posts have been dwindling and I honestly haven’t been feeling motivated to blog here anymore. I really wasn’t feeling appreciated and sometimes, a blogger needs comments. They keep you going.

I am not closing this blog but I have decided to take a break from it and start a new blog in the interim. I am not sure what to call this new blog or what it is going to be about but I will take it one day at a time. If you are interested, please visit it HERE.

I will publish posts here from time to time when I feel up to it. I will also give hair updates on my Facebook page. Do take care and big hugs to everyone! I really do love and appreciate all my loyal readers. You have been a blessing! Thank you and God bless.


Dr Fomsky

About the author
Dr Fomsky

Nigerian-born Dr Fomsky is a God-lover, a wife, a mom of three, a medical doctor by day. Plus she owns a Nigerian-based online hair product store called Sizzelle.
Dr Fomsky is very passionate about hair, skin and weight management. Since she's had her babies, she's been struggling to keep her weight and her tummy down!
At night, she likes to read books, write blog posts and leave comments on other blogs. She lives in Alberta, Canada and is also the author of Solving your relaxed hair breakage book .
LAST RELAXER DAY: December 15th, 2016
BIG CHOP: January 14th, 2017
Natural Hair, Unknown Porosity, Fine Hair strands, Low to Moderate Density

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16 Comments to Happy New Year from me

  1. Oh no, Doc. I hope you’re feeling better now. You’re very right about comments. They help keep a blogger motivated. They even inspire new content sometimes. I’ll make sure to check out your new blog.

  2. babs says:

    Ooooohhhhhh.. The lord is your strength doc. Too bad you won’t be actively posting on this blog again. Following your blog has helped me immensely in taking my hair routine seriously. Its not everyone that has d urge to comment, that doesn’t mean people don’t visit your blog often, only God knows how long have waited to read about ur last relaxer touch up u posted you were gonna do on ur facebook page as well as d gist about the hair seminar u organised in PH. And am sure dis news will break a lot of your followers’ heart. Stay strong Dr Fomsky, you are so muched loved and cherished. ‘Big mama’s Hug’.

    • Dr Fomsky says:

      Thanks so much for your comment. I am so happy that my blog helped you take your hair routine seriously. I sincerely apologize for not giving you guys any update on my relaxer day. Plus the PH meet-up. I am not closing the blog but I needed to rethink and decide what direction to follow. I do promise however better days ahead. Thanks once again Babs! Hugs back to you! Muah

  3. babs says:

    “Sorry for d typo…. Errors”

  4. Jibs says:

    Please don’t go, your blog has also helped me on my hair journey. I’m sure you’ll find motivation and be back soon. Just know you’ve touched many people, some of whom you may never met.

    I’m glad you are doing better health wise. Praying that you are completely made whole.

    God bless you.

  5. Lebogang says:

    Sorry to hear you were sick, I hope God strengthens you. Keep blogging I know comments keep you motivated, but don’t give up.

  6. Becca says:

    Oh no sorry Doc! I trust you’re feeling better now. And I know what you mean with comments, it keeps you going! I’ll try to comment as often as I see you putting up new posts. All the best with your new blog 🙂

    • Dr Fomsky says:

      Thanks Becca for your encouragement. I am a lot better now. Physically and emotionally. I was getting really discouraged but I’ll keep going cos I live blogging.

  7. Tonkabelle says:

    Aww Dr Fomsky I was thinking of you and how you helped me so much during the skype call. I will be praying for you and I know what you mean about the comments, I wish you the very best and will be checking out your new blog.


  8. Dabs says:

    Hey Doc…here’s wishing you God’s speed in your new direction! Off to check your new blog out…it isn’t easy to keep blogging about the same topic for this long, I too am changing direction a little.


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