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First of all, I want to apologize to everyone that has gotten in contact with me through the form on my contact page. When I added it to the page, I forgot to include any email address for the messages to be directed to. Basically, they’ve just been sitting there and I just realized this yesterday.  I have changed this now though. Please do forgive me.

I have been following a wig regimen for the last 5 or 6 weeks. My hair is currently in a corn-row. To maintain it underneath the wigs, I try to keep it moisturized every few days. The problem is that when you have your hair in a protective style, it is quite easy to neglect it.

      1. Hair Moisturizer: Bee Mine juicy moisturizing daily spritz. I simply spray this on my hair once or twice a week.
      2. Sealing oil: Schwarzkopf Gliss BRUME MIRACLE HUILE LÉGÈRE. I spray this on after my hair moisturizer. Using a sealing oil after moisturizing your hair helps to lock in the moisture and prevent it from drying out too soon.
      3. Scalp moisturizers (and treatment): I alternate between my  personal scalp Tea mixPhyto Phytostim Fortifying Spray. These help to soothe & stimulate my scalp.
      4. Scalp oil: Jamaican black castor oil & NJoy’s Hair growth oil. I alternate between these two oils. They help to soothe my scalp and prevent it from feeling too dry. They also encourage hair growth and improve thickness.
      5. Deep condition: I undo the cornrows every 3 to 4 weeks. Before I do, I apply a deep conditioner to the tracks. I leave this on for about 30 minutes and lightly shampoo or co-wash it off. I undo the tracks after which I apply a leave-in conditioner, then hair oil and have it cornrowed again. I intend to keep this up till June.

Bee Mine juicy spritz phytostim

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Dr Fomsky

Nigerian-born Dr Fomsky is a God-lover, a wife, a mom of three, a medical doctor by day. Plus she owns a Nigerian-based online hair product store called Sizzelle.
Dr Fomsky is very passionate about hair, skin and weight management. Since she's had her babies, she's been struggling to keep her weight and her tummy down!
At night, she likes to read books, write blog posts and leave comments on other blogs. She lives in Alberta, Canada and is also the author of Solving your relaxed hair breakage book .
LAST RELAXER DAY: December 15th, 2016
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10 Comments to My current wig regimen

  1. Nedoux says:

    Hi Doc Fomsky,

    I’m hoping 2016 will be all about the wig life for my hair. It’s a wonderful way to hide the ends and edges.

    I particularly like how it doesn’t disrupt the hair care regimen as one can still access the hair for product application.

    Have a great week!

    • Dr Fomsky says:

      It really is a wonderful way to hide my ends and edges. I see my edges filling in. My only fear is that sometimes I feel the wig rubs on my edges: I hope it doesn’t have a long-term adverse effect.

  2. Bee says:

    I’m currently wigging it too and my regimen is quite similar to yours. Different products though. I hope this works well for you to achieve your hair goals for the year.

  3. Becca says:

    Hi doc I think this is one of the most effective regimens, looking forward to seeing your progress. My hubby hates wigs, so I’ve been doing crochet braids.. Hoping to have my hair in protective styles for at least 8 months this year.

  4. Tonkabelle says:

    I like your regimen I think you will retain a lot of length from it.

  5. Christy says:

    Hi, I’m Christy. I’m one of your regulary Customer and very familiar with Iruka. May 2015 I started havi issues with my hair breaking really. I decided to c my hair cut neck lenght. I decided to buy some products from your store in Lagos. Shampoo I bought Cream of Nature. Conditioner: Vitale Mayoness, Aphogee 2mins Reconstructor, Shea n Moisture Anti breakage and Motion moisture conditioner. Moisturiser and leave in Conditioner Aphogee 2 Min Keratin Tea, Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner, Cream of Nature and Luster. Sealant: Jamaican Castol oil, olive oil and coconut oil. But after all of this my hair still breaks real bad. Please I need your help to stop this breakage.

  6. Eliza says:

    Here is a great planner you can use to keep track of your regimen, you can ask for the file and tweak it to match exactly what you are going. It gives you an idea of what to do, and when to do it.
    scroll down until you see wig regimen.

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