Christmas Essentials to Put On Your Holiday Shopping List

You don’t have much time to shop for Christmas this year. No, we mean it (well, sort of)! When you think about it, you only have a couple of months, and if you have picky present openers like we do, this isn’t a lot of time. What do you buy the person who has everything? Are there certain must-have gifts this year? It’s time to start shopping or, at the very least, to start planning. Read on for tips on essentials to put on your holiday shopping list.

Cozies for the Win

Perhaps it’s the fact that the news is more depressing than ever these days, but Americans are certainly turning to items of comfort. From Snuggies and furry throw blankets to fuzzy slippers to comfy socks, we are like big kids with our need for our creature comforts. This is ideal for people who love to stay in and watch movies or unwind with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa. With a variety of styles and the common denominator of ultra-soft material, these make great gifts for our pampered pals.

Those with a good sense of humor in addition to a love of being comfy would be over the moon for a pair of socks that read on the bottom, “If you can read this, bring me a glass of wine.” Festive Christmas PJs are another fun way to go, or matching Christmas suits for the whole family. The pictures would be amazing!

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Think outside the box—literally and figuratively—this holiday season. Do you have someone on your list whose perfectly coiffed mane equates to hair goals for everyone that knows her? Chances are, she’d love a gift card to her favorite salon. Blowouts are also universally loved by women, and blowout bars (hair salons that strictly provide hair blowouts) are popping up everywhere. Giving her a night off of blow-drying and styling her hair (especially if it’s long) or any other lengthy hair regimen is a better gift than most in her eyes. Perhaps you know her favorite hair products, or you can get her a gift basket with a few smaller items. Either way, any woman who is a hair woman will love that you didn’t brush off the inclination to go this route.

Accessories Are the Bomb

Not only are accessories something that everyone needs, but they are also something that many of us don’t think to buy for ourselves. From jewelry, scarves, and purses for women to scarves, watches, bags, and jewelry for men, accessories make ideal gifts. And unlike getting a loved one an entire outfit, accessories are often more within the price point most of us like to spend at the holidays. Shoes are another great gift, although they are a bit more subjective than other types of accessories. Unless you know the exact style preference and size of the person you’re buying for, you probably want to stick to a stylish set of bangles from for a woman or a marvelously masculine scarf for a man. Of course, if you’re truly uncertain what your loved one would like but are thinking accessories are the way to go, a gift card to places like Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, or Anthropologie is always fab.

Gadgets Galore

Gadgets are also things that some people just don’t think to buy for themselves, as they are thought to be superfluous. But when it comes to a cool watch, a cutting edge phone case, or an iPad mini, gadgets will often elicit an “Oh, yeah!” instead of an “Oh, you shouldn’t have.” Do you have a friend or loved one who is always out and about with a phone that’s run out of battery power? While this is often an inconvenience, it can sometimes be a matter of emergency. Get them a portable battery charger and find yourself at the top of this person’s love list pronto.

Bring tidings of comfort and joy to everyone on your list by going with one or more of these Christmas essentials.

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