How long do I leave the relaxer on my hair to obtain texlaxed results? 

Answer: I would say not more than 15 Minutes when using a normal or mild strength relaxer. The length of time is however determined by how fast your hair responds to the relaxer and how much texture you want to be left. For some textures, it could be 5 minutes, others 10 and still others 15. 


The best way of determining how long to leave the relaxer on is by doing a strand test. In the weeks leading up to your relaxer day, save any hair strands that you lose. Before you apply the relaxer to your hair,  you can test it on these ‘saved up strands’ to determine the degree of texture you want left in your hair.  Another way to do a strand test is to apply the relaxer to an inconspicuous section at the back of your hair and see how many minutes it takes to get your desired texture.

If you cannot do the strand test, then you should aim for about 10-12 times and keep adjusting the time on each relaxer day till you get your desired results. The problem with this trial and error method is that you are left with many textures on the same strand and this can lead to hair breakage in the long run. 


Tips to applying the relaxer for a successful ‘texlax’

If you know you will unable to apply the relaxer within your planned time period, there are several options to take:

Option 1: Have someone help you apply the relaxer. This will help hasten the process. Discuss with the person your desired results before you start. It could be a friend or a stylist. I have had friends relax my hair on more than one occasion. Ensure that the person understands your needs and is willing to work with you. The reason that I say this is: many people especially stylists do not understand or like the concept of ‘texlaxing‘. 

Option 2: Do the ‘half and half’ method if you are doing it yourself. This means that you relax half of your head first and then rinse off before applying the relaxer to the other half. For example, you can apply it to the back first and then rinse it off thoroughly before applying it to the front. Afterward, you can use your neutralizing shampoo. 

Option 3: Mix the relaxer with a small amount of oils and/or conditioner. Your goal should be to maintain the normal relaxer consistency. If you put too much oil, the relaxer will become runny and messy to apply. 

Option 4: A combination of any of the options above. 


**When you do get your desired ‘texlaxed‘ texture, you should stick to the same method every time you relax your hair to reduce the risk of having multiple textures.**


My hair is currently more straight than texlaxed. I kept my hair texlaxed from 2013 up until this year and I recently decided to go a bit straighter. For two reasons: firstly, I like the sleeker look that comes w straight hair. Secondly, it’s difficult maintaining ‘texlaxed’ hair: you are dealing with multiple textures of hair. 

Is your hair ‘texlaxed’?  How do you obtain your results? How do you manage your hair?

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