November, 2016


Hair update (17th – 23rd November, 2016)

Hi lovely people. A few days after my last wash day, I did a flat twistout. I did this by doing flat twists and unravelling them when they were completely dry. I did about 8 flat twists all to the back and I used Beautiful textures rapid repair deep conditioner and Bee Mine Luscious Cream Moisturizer as my leave-ins.   twistout I really loved the definition and the curls lasted about 4 days before I decided to do another co-wash. I am due for a salon visit today and IRead More

How to work with your hair’s porosity: determining your porosity

In my last post, I defined what hair porosity is. Please click HERE to read it. You should know your hair porosity because it will really help you understand how to take better care of your hair. What works for high porosity hair will probably not work for low porosity and vice versa. Today’s topic will center on determining your hair porosity. Hair porosity can be genetic or acquired. Genetic: This means that you might be born with low, normal or high porosity hair. It doesn’t matter if you have thick orRead More

Sunday Sound Out: washing and threading your hair weekly?

Q: Can I grow my hair with a routine of washing it and doing African threading every week? A: Yes you can. For a better explanation, I’ll break my answer down into two parts: 1.  weekly washing routine; and 2. threading your hair. PART 1. WEEKLY WASHING ROUTINE When you wash your hair weekly and follow it up with deep conditioning, your hair will most likely stay well moisturized. It will also be less susceptible to breakage. This will result in length retention and you will see your hair growing.Read More

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