FAQs Friday: How to know if your hair moisturizer contains protein

If you think your hair is protein-sensitive or you are simply avoiding hair products with protein in them, it’s very important to know how to identify proteins. The first thing to do is to read through the ingredient list watching for any type of protein. The problem is that not every protein has – protein in its name. Some examples of proteins commonly used in hair products include:

  1. Hydrolyzed Keratin
  2. Keratin amino acids 
  3. Collagen
  4. Hydrolyzed Collagen 
  5. Collagen Amino Acids
  6. Silk Protein
  7. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
  8. Milk Protein
  9. Soy Protein
  10. Oat Protein
  11. Rice Protein
  12. Egg

Please take note: Cholesterol is NOT a protein. Although it can strengthen hair, it is actually a lipid (fatty) substance.

Some examples of hair moisturizers which do not contain protein include:

  1. Hairveda Red Tea Moisturizer
  2. Luster’s S-Curl No-Drip Activator Moisturizer
  3. Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion
  4. As I Am Moisture Milk Daily Hair Revitalizer
  5. Bee Mine Bee Loved Hair & Scalp Moisturizer
  6. Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk
  7. EDEN BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi Hair Milk
  8. EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Milk
  9. OBIA Naturals Curl Hydration Spray
  10. Oyin Handmade Greg Juice
  11. Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Creamy Hair Lotion
  12. African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Silky Hair Moisturizer
  13. African Naturalistas Daily Hair Mist


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Do you use protein-free moisturizers? Why? Or why not?

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