Kate Anderson


How Fashion Can Transform Your Self-Confidence

We all joke about how much, in an ideal world, we’d all be able to work at the computer in our PJs all day. And while a day in PJs can be great and even therapeutic here and there, it can also make you feel a bit slouchy. Don’t you agree? There is something to the fact that we are more productive and feel better about ourselves when we feel like we look nice on the outside. It’s similar to the notion that, when we eat healthier, we feel better,Read More

Glam Up Your Holiday Beauty Look with These Easy Tips

Fall is officially here and winter is most definitely on its way! As the weather cools down and you start receiving an influx of holiday party invites, consider revamping your beauty look with these easy tips. From makeup to skin care, you’ll be prepared to turn heads this holiday season.  Winter Skin Tips We all want to have a glowing, flawless complexion, but winter weather can really affect our skin, leading to flaking and irritation that even the best cosmetics can’t fully cover up. If your skin is feeling theRead More

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