17 day diet


What ever happened with my 17 day diet?

Last year, I embarked on the 17 day diet and although I lost about 5 kg, I gained 3 back within a few months. *blushing* I think that happened because of two things: firstly, I got tired of the diet towards the end and didn’t follow it properly and secondly the weight loss was really drastic (occurring within a month) . All in all, my net weight loss was 2 kg (4.4 pounds) which I think was just okay. Would I recommend this diet? Yes… it did help me butRead More

17 things I’ve learnt so far from the 17 day diet

You can do anything you put mind to if you try. Our bodies crave carbohydrates: when you go on this diet, you’re very likely to miss them. Keep speaking to yourself. Have a watchword if possible. Since you’re not going to be eating very much food, you should not over exercise or you might get hungrier.  You can also exercise any time that is convenient for you: not just in the mornings. Eggs, chicken and cabbage are very filling. If they’re foods you eat, include one of them in everyRead More

What I ate during my 1st cycle on the 17-day diet

       When I first started this diet, I tried out different foods. First, I tried to make some okra soup. Disgusting when you drink it on its own. I’m used to eating it with something else like fufu or eba (these are some of our Nigerian staple foods). Next, I tried some spinach salad but I chopped the spinach first and it became very gooey… disgusting if you ask me. I also tried to make some steamed vegetables with fluted pumpkin leaves (ugu) [another West African staple leave] butRead More

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