2014 review


Hair products I am leaving behind in 2014

Rhassoul clay: It was a nice product to experiment with but I am trying to streamline my regimen and it just doesn’t fit in. PLUS it is extremely hard to rinse out (in my opinion). Ayurvedic powders – brahmi and alma. The same thing I said about rhassoul clay applies to my ayurvedic products. Regular henna: My hair was becoming too red and I don’t have time to do henna followed by indigo. The process takes too much of my time! Hairveda Sitrinillah conditioner. It is a nice moisturizing conditioner butRead More

Hair techniques I practised in 2014

Blow drying: I enjoyed learning how to blow dry my hair using a method I saw on YouTube by Reniece TV. I will only do this occasionally because it takes me too long. Ain’t nobody got time for long styling!   Flat ironing: I did this once last year and it left my hair feeling smooth. I think I will do this a bit more often this year (with enough protection first though). Bantu knots: I absolutely adore bantu knots and they give the cutest curls. My only problem is thatRead More

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 10 most popular posts of 2014

Hi everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! To continue the 2014 review, I will be outlining the most read posts in 2014 below. Simply click on any of them to read. What is product buildup and how can it affect your hair? How I air dry my hair without frizz: step by step How I use Jamaican black castor oil How to use ApHogee 2-step protein treatment Feature Friday: Meet Joanne from Grow African Hair Long How to grow relaxed black hair part 1: The basics Why I no longer use AffirmRead More

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