Air drying


Air drying vs blow drying hair?

I saw a post on Relaxed Hair Health website about the effects of air drying vs blow drying hair and I felt I should share this information. I recently published a post on how blow drying hair can cause bubble hair damage. I got this information from this study on blow drying. Chemically untreated hair was obtained from De Meo Brothers (New York, USA) and washed using 1% (w/w) sodium dodecyl sulfate, and then thoroughly rinsed with tap water and dried. Methods A standardized drying time was used to completelyRead More

Wash day: back to air drying!

Since I did my relaxer touch-up 5 weeks ago, I’ve been blow drying with cool air (except for the time I roller set my hair). I’ve been pretty much okay with it because it always made my hair look big and thick. However, during my last wash day, I decided to go back to air drying. Now, I think I prefer air drying to blow drying except I’m really in a hurry. For one reason or another, my hair felt so much better than it did when I blow dried!Read More

How I air dry my hair without frizz: step by step

       Air drying your hair is the safest and most healthy way to dry your hair. It is however the most boring way and takes the longest time to dry. To make it more exciting, you can rollerset it, do a braid out or a twist it. If you’re just doing a normal air dry, it’s so important to get a good smooth finish so your hair doesn’t make you look untidy.  To get a smooth air dry, your cuticles should be closed and smooth. Keep this in mindRead More

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