Back to the Basics


Back to the Basics: Recap

  Hi everyone! I’m so glad that the BACK TO THE BASICS SERIES is now over.  I don’t claim to be an expert on hair but I wrote the series based on personal experience and some research. I did this series so that newcomers to healthy hair care would have a basic idea on how to take care of their hair. AND to serve as a reminder for my dear veterans. Now that I’m done with the series, I’ll be writing posts about skincare, beauty tips, my weight loss challenges, my weeklyRead More

Back to the Basics: ‘Safely’ using chemical relaxers

The relaxer step is the first step on the journey to achieving ‘healthy’ relaxed hair. As discussed in my last post, Back to the Basics: Knowing your Relaxers, there are several different types of relaxers. You can choose to: leave some texture in your hair (‘texlaxing’), make it just straight or very straight. The degree of hair straightness produced by a relaxer would depend on: The strength of the relaxer. Many relaxer formulations come in Mild, Normal and Super strengths. The stronger the formulation, the straighter your hair would be.Read More

Back to the Basics: Knowing your relaxers

 Relaxers are chemicals that are used to straighten hair in order to remove its natural curl pattern. Some would argue that relaxed hair is easier to manage and to detangle. Disadvantages of relaxed hair include: You have to keep on retouching the new growth at chosen intervals to maintain the straight texture. This might be cumbersome for some people. Causes more damage to the hair because relaxers work by altering the structure of the peptide chain bonds in the hair. (These bonds are called disulfide bonds). As a result of thisRead More

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