Building a hair regimen


Regimen plan and experimentation in the next few weeks. 

Hi dear people.  A few weeks ago, I mentioned to you that I think my hair doesn’t like cetearyl/cetyl alcohol. I have now gotten several products (deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners)  which do not have this ingredient. Secondly, since it is now cold here in Canada, I want to stay away from coconut oil products because I have the impression that it might make my hair hard when it solidifies in the cold air. I will be using leave-in conditioners without coconut oil. For the next few weeks, I’ll beRead More

How to build a hair regimen: products to buy

Hi everyone. Today, I will be continuing my series on building a hair regimen. Please read the first part in this series HERE. Before I purchase any product, I do a lot of online research. I read the ingredients but more importantly, I read reviews. My favourite places to read reviews are from hair blogs,,,, Sally’s Beauty, and Naturally Curly.  YouTube also has a good number of video reviews. At the end of the day, however, deciding which products to purchase is still not always easy. In my opinion, there is a lotRead More

How to build a hair regimen: building a foundation

Since the beginning of this year, I have elaborated on my hair regimen. Now, I want to help you build yours. To be honest, it has taken me years of experimentation to finally end up with a list of products and steps that I am comfortable with. I can’t explain why everyone’s hair reacts differently to a product but along the line, I have personally confirmed this. I advise that you follow this as a guideline and come up with your own products and steps over time. What are your hair goals? TheyRead More

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