Clear skin


How to do a mini-facial at home.

       Life can be so stressful sometimes and this can take its toll on your skin. You can slow down these effects by doing a facial at home once or twice a month. Pick any night of the week and take out a few extra minutes for yourself.      These are the steps I take when doing a facial. CLEANSE: I wash my face. EXFOLIATE: Next, I apply my chemical peel. I use either lactic acid or glycolic acid. I prefer lactic acid though because it worksRead More

How to build a skin care regimen part 3: skin concerns

           So, we’ve talked about the basic steps that make up any facial skin care regimen and skin types. Today, let’s go a bit deeper: skin concerns!      A skin concern is basically any issue YOU have with YOUR skin. I say this because sometimes you may have something that you don’t like about your facial skin and other people don’t get it. They might tell you that it’s not noticeable or it’s not too bad. However, if it bothers you even a little, it isRead More

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