Deep conditioning


Sunday Sound Out: solving the mystery of how to use light protein conditioners weekly

Hi guys! Hope y’all having a lovely Sunday? Today, I want to let you into an email conversation I had with one of my lovely blog readers a few weeks ago. Q: Hello sizzling mummy. Please I need your help: my hair lacks protein & it has more moisture. I usually wash my hair after every 2 weeks & I alternate between protein deep conditioning and moisturize deep conditioning? Do I need to do more protein deep conditioning? And also what’s the best protein treatment product I could use please?Read More

Choosing a deep conditioner..the way it makes your hair feel!

Choosing a deep conditioner you really love can be difficult sometimes. There are occasions where I have liked the ingredients in a conditioner but when I used it, my hair hated it! Sometimes, I have also used a conditioner with unimpressive ingredients and my hair LOVED it. Has that ever happened to you? How to shop for good ingredients in hair products How to shop for hair products part 3: buying a deep conditioner When I choose deep conditioners, its ingredients are very important to me. In addition to choosing aRead More

Review: L’Oreal Mega Moisture Nurturing Creme

      My current old moisturizing deep conditioner was Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner and I liked it because it was very thick and creamy. However, it doesn’t have much slip and I always have to use Silken Child Leave-In Detangler to detangle my hair afterwards.      I have therefore decided to look for a conditioner which moisturizes and gives slip so I can detangle my hair much easier. During my wash yesterday, I decided to try L’Oreal Natures Therapy Mega Moisture Nurturing Creme. On the jar, it says, “Mega Moisture ® Nurturing Creme deeplyRead More

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