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FAQs Friday

  QI. How can you know if your hair needs moisture or protein? You can do what is called a wet assessment. Wet a small section of hair and comb through or pull on both ends very gently. If it stretches while you comb through but doesn’t break, your hair is balanced. If it doesn’t stretch OR stretches only a little before your hair snaps, your hair needs moisture. If it stretches and stretches and then breaks, your hair needs protein.   QII. Hi there Dr. Fomsky. I noticed that youRead More

Back to the Basics: Knowing your relaxers

 Relaxers are chemicals that are used to straighten hair in order to remove its natural curl pattern. Some would argue that relaxed hair is easier to manage and to detangle. Disadvantages of relaxed hair include: You have to keep on retouching the new growth at chosen intervals to maintain the straight texture. This might be cumbersome for some people. Causes more damage to the hair because relaxers work by altering the structure of the peptide chain bonds in the hair. (These bonds are called disulfide bonds). As a result of thisRead More

The difference between protein and moisturizing conditioners

     It’s so important to use conditioners on your hair to replace moisture and/or protein. Black hair is the driest of all hair types and needs moisture more than other hair types. If you live in a very humid environment like I do, you may not need to moisturize everyday. I usually go with the flow when I moisturize my hair. With that said, one important way of adding moisture back to is by deep conditioning it at least once a week with a moisturizing conditioner.    Proteins areRead More

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