How to grow long hair


Sunday Sound Out: washing and threading your hair weekly?

Q: Can I grow my hair with a routine of washing it and doing African threading every week? A: Yes you can. For a better explanation, I’ll break my answer down into two parts: 1.  weekly washing routine; and 2. threading your hair. PART 1. WEEKLY WASHING ROUTINE When you wash your hair weekly and follow it up with deep conditioning, your hair will most likely stay well moisturized. It will also be less susceptible to breakage. This will result in length retention and you will see your hair growing.Read More

Foods rich in biotin

In an old post, I have talked about the benefits of biotin for the hair. You can read that HERE.  However, as someone who is acne-prone, I try as much as possible to avoid supplements containing biotin. One of the most common side-effects of biotin supplements is acne. Instead, I prefer to get my biotin from whole foods. I have compiled a non-exhaustive list of foods that contain biotin: Mushrooms Tuna Turkey Avocados Salmon Liver Peanut butter Cheese Cauliflower Wholewheat bread Berries (blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries) Sardines Bananas Pork BeefRead More

Foods rich in MSM

Hi everyone. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to start taking joint supplements. Not that I have any joint issues but since I do a lot of high impact exercise, I am taking them as a precautionary measure. When I read the ingredients of the bottle I bought, I learnt that it also contained MSM. YAY! An added hair benefit for me! I have talked about the benefits of MSM for the hair. You can read that HERE and HERE.  If you are not a supplement kind of person, you canRead More

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