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Sunday Sound Out: washing and threading your hair weekly?

Q: Can I grow my hair with a routine of washing it and doing African threading every week? A: Yes you can. For a better explanation, I’ll break my answer down into two parts: 1.  weekly washing routine; and 2. threading your hair. PART 1. WEEKLY WASHING ROUTINE When you wash your hair weekly and follow it up with deep conditioning, your hair will most likely stay well moisturized. It will also be less susceptible to breakage. This will result in length retention and you will see your hair growing.Read More

How to build a hair regimen: products to buy

Hi everyone. Today, I will be continuing my series on building a hair regimen. Please read the first part in this series HERE. Before I purchase any product, I do a lot of online research. I read the ingredients but more importantly, I read reviews. My favourite places to read reviews are from hair blogs,,,, Sally’s Beauty, and Naturally Curly.  YouTube also has a good number of video reviews. At the end of the day, however, deciding which products to purchase is still not always easy. In my opinion, there is a lotRead More

How to build a hair regimen: building a foundation

Since the beginning of this year, I have elaborated on my hair regimen. Now, I want to help you build yours. To be honest, it has taken me years of experimentation to finally end up with a list of products and steps that I am comfortable with. I can’t explain why everyone’s hair reacts differently to a product but along the line, I have personally confirmed this. I advise that you follow this as a guideline and come up with your own products and steps over time. What are your hair goals? TheyRead More

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