Protein and your hair


FAQs Friday: Conditioners with protein in first 5 ingredients

If you have been following my posts, you should know by now how much I love protein conditioners. One thing I know is that if you have fine hair strands or your hair is relaxed or coloured, then using protein conditioners are usually a good thing. However, not everyone’s hair reacts the same way to protein and you can only get to know if you try it first. The difference between protein and moisturizing conditioners According to , there are many proteins used in conditioners and one of theRead More

Sunday Sound out – How long to relax hair, ApHogee 2-step and more…

Q1: How long to relax hair again? Can I retouch my hair 2 weeks after my last relaxer treatment? A: NO. A two-week interval is too short! Relaxers act on the scalp and it is a good idea to wait a little to give your scalp time to heal. Secondly, relaxers break down protein bonds in the hair so it is also wise to give your hair time to heal. Many relaxer manufacturers say 4 to 6 weeks but I usually advise a minimum of 8 weeks. I think 12 – 14Read More

Protein conditioners: I love!!!

I love me my protein conditioners and most of the conditioners in my stash are protein-rich. I love them because they help my fine hair strands look thicker and feel stronger. They also help to reduce my hair porosity. Some examples of proteins you will find in protein conditioners are keratin, collagen, egg protein, soy protein, vegetable protein, etc. I especially look out for keratin because relaxers tend to damage keratin during the relaxer process. Before I started my hair journey, I didn’t know there was a difference between moisturisingRead More

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