Relaxed hair basics


What is your hair texture?

Before I started my hair journey, all I knew was either your hair was thick or light. Although my hair has grown longer than shoulder length several times in my life, I kept cutting it because I considered my hair to be feather light. I’ve now discovered that fine hair is not the same thing as thin hair. It is important to know your hair texture because this can help you know what things you need to consider adding to or dropping from your regimen & what products to useRead More

What are silicones?

When I first started my hair journey, I was having such dry hair no matter what I did. In my quest to find out what was wrong, I stumbled on the term silicones, cone-free, water–soluble cones, etc. The term ‘cones’ are just an abbreviation of the word Silicones. So, what are silicones? They are artificial substances derived  from silicon and their basic structure is made of repeated units of silicon, oxygen, hydrogen and other chemical elements. oxide. They are extremely versatile substances and occur in different forms. Some of theirRead More

So you’ve decided to take better care of your hair. What next?

So you’ve decided to take better care of your hair this year but you’re not sure how. Give your hot tools a break for a while. If you like sleek styles, opt for roller setting and wrapping your hair afterwards. That will make your hair look like you flat ironed it. Start reading the ingredient list on every hair product you buy: try to avoid products that contain mineral oil, petrolatum and lanolin. Learn to comb your hair the right way: start from the tips and then the middle beforeRead More

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