Relaxed hair talk


All you need to know about ‘texlaxed’ hair

What is texlaxing? This is basically intentionally underprocessing your relaxer because you want to avoid hair that is too straight (otherwise called bone straight hair). Why texlax? Texlaxing reduces the potential damage caused by relaxers and helps hair look fuller. This is especially for ladies with fine hair strands or scanty hair. How to texlax There are several ways you can achieve semi-processed hair and if you prefer, you can even combine any of them: Apply relaxer on hair that is very dirty. One thing you can do is to putRead More

What’s up people? A little hair babble!

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since I washed my hair! I’ve been too busy to go through the whole process of pre-poo, shampoo and deep condition so all I’ve done is moisturize and seal every day. Occasionally, I spray a little bit of Aphogee Green Tea Restructurizer on my ends before applying my moisturizer. Then I seal in the moisture. When my hair was longer, I usually did a co-wash when my hair felt dry in the middle of the week: I usually co-washed at night, thenRead More

The pros and cons of ‘Texlaxing’

                      Before I talk about texlaxing, I think it’s a good idea to say what it is. Texlaxing is basically intentionally underprocessing your hair when you relax it. Instead of achieving straight hair, you end up with hair that has a bit of texture to it. Hence the prefix ‘tex’. About a year ago, my hair was left underprocessed after relaxing and since then I’ve been underprocessing my hair. What are the benefits of texlaxing? Your hair looks thicker. IfRead More

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