Styling relaxed hair


What to do with an old or failed braidout #1

My braidout is now 3 days old and is not as bouncy as I would like so I decided to do a half up half down style You can also do a top knot half down style to make it more fancy. Using an old braid out for this style gives it more texture.

Preserving my braidout

                      Hi people. Just to show you how I did my best to preserve my braidout from yesterday. I did the pineapple method below with 3 perm rods at the tips. I did not moisturize my hair because it felt very moist. Plus I didn’t want to mess with the curls. Went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night to find my scarf off my head. Hahaha. 😛 This morning, I lubricated my fingers with coconutRead More

Hair of the day 4th March 2015

Hi peeps. I apologize for my absence for the blog. I promise to make amends! Last night, while I was watching TV (I always do that once the kids are in bed), I decided to weave my hair and I used Ecostyler gel (argan oil version) as my holding product. I think there were about 12 – 14 plaits in total and I used perm rods to curl the ends. I undid it this morning with my hands lubricated with argan oil. Using an oil to lubricate your hands whileRead More

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