Wash day chronicles


Wash day featuring Pureology hydrate shampoo – December 2nd, 2016 

This wash day featured two new products: Pureology Hydrate shampoo (which I bought last month) and Blue Roze Beauty Strawberry Hibiscus Deep Conditioner. I have done a review of this deep conditioner and you can read it HERE. PREPOO Scalp: Grapeseed oil mixed with peppermint oil for about an hour. Hair: Aunt Jackie’s In Control Deep Conditioner + JBCO + Organics Olive & Clove Oil Therapy. Sat underneath the standing dryer for about 20 minutes then proceeded to shampoo my hair. SHAMPOO After rinsing out my pre-poo treatment from my hair,Read More

Wash day recap: my last 3 wash days

Since the last post about my October haul, I have shampooed my hair twice and co-washed once. I think I’ll start from the oldest to the most recent. WASH DAY 1 Prepoo: Dudley’s Drc 28 Hair Treatment and Fortifier. Sat underneath my dryer for about 20 minutes. Shampoo: OGX niacin & caffeine shampoo. Did not strip my hair but still not as moisturizing as my Aveda shampoo. Deep Condition: No. Leave-ins: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Double Care leave in spray.  Detangled with my wide tooth comb. Drying and styling:Air dried MyRead More

Wash day – the day I shampooed thrice

Hi dearies. Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Nigerians!!! This wash day (September 30th, 2016) was quite interesting. If you follow me on Instagram or twitter, you might have seen me mention that I had purchased the Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo and Deep Repair Masque. This is how it went down. https://www.instagram.com/p/BK9Bcbjj0AJ/ 1. Prepoo: Aunt Jackie’s In-control conditioner + Africa’s Best Olive Oil and Clove Oil Therapy + Jamaican Black Castor Oil + Peppermint oil. I sat underneath my standing dryer for about 30 minutes with this in myRead More

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