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The official True foods for two announcement!!

Win a Jillian Michaels workout DVD while doing what you’ve been longing to do! I was pleasantly surprised when I got some enthusiastic responders for the True Foods for two challenge I talked about recently. This is the official announcement! The prizes: Open to all my readers wherever you are: I’ll mail in your prize. The person with the most weight loss will receive one Jillian Michaels DVD: No more trouble zones The person with the most obvious change (this will be voted on by blog readers) will receive aRead More

True foods for two challenge

No processed foods for two months! I’ve been thinking of a game plan to drop this extra 13 pounds that won’t be too drastic. Last year, when I lost 5 kg within a little over a month, my face really became so thin and my neck so long!! LOL!! I’ve decided that I want to lose the weight slowly and maybe my face won’t thin out as much. So, I’ve embarked on a simple 2-month diet and exercise plan I’ve called TRUE FOODS FOR TWO: Walk at least 30 minutesRead More

7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

 Have you ever wanted to lose weight but you just couldn’t get yourself to exercise? I’ve been at that point several times in the past and one thing that kept me motivated was my desire to fit back into my old clothes. After each pregnancy, I always refused to buy a new size of clothes. When I would want to dress up, I would feel so frustrated that I couldn’t find any clothes in my size: I resorted to wearing my maternity clothes. As a result, I always pushed myselfRead More

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