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Flat irons and your hair: using heat ‘safely’

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I’m really sorry for not being regular at blogging! Since I left Nigeria, I’ve become a driver, housemaid, nanny and all. It’s not been the easiest trying to combine this with running my store long distance. I thank God for my lovely manager, Nkiru and the other staff! I also appreciate all of you guys for still being here! So, how was your valentine’s day? I decided to flat iron my hair and I experienced quite a bit of breakage during and after the process. IRead More

Science behind co-washing part 2

                           In a previous post, I talked about the Science behind co-washing. Please read it HERE.      Today, I will be talking about criteria for picking your co-wash conditioner and suggestions for co-wash conditioners.. When picking a conditioner for a co-wash, you should Pick one that is mostly moisturizing or a very light protein. Please read The Difference beteen protein and moisturizing conditioners. Look for one that is cheap. Since you will be using it as aRead More

Science behind co-washing part 1

 Before you read this post, I advise that you bring out your shampoos and conditioners. While you read, look out for the ingredients and compounds I’ll be talking about.   Co-washing is basically a short form of the term, Conditioner Washing. There are at least 2 benefits of co-washing: Using conditioners to ‘wash’ your hair is beneficial because it does not strip hair of its oil and moisture. Conditioners contain compounds called surfactants which give them the ability to lift off dirt and oil to a certain extent. If youRead More

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