Hair tutorial videos


1. How I prepoo on dry hair

2. How I deep condition my hair with Jamaican black castor oil and Kenra moisturizing conditioner

3. How I blow dry my hair with cool air

4. How I moisturize and seal my hair

5. My most basic bun


6. Homemade aloe vera leave-in conditioner and shea butter mix.


7. Homemade palm oil conditioner


8. How to do a wavy style with no heat

9. How I air dry my hair without frizz


10. How I trim my hair

11. How I do a simple-crosswrap when going to bed

4 Comments to Hair tutorial videos

  1. cathy says:

    hi doc! had a lot of fun going thru ur vids this evening. nice work. :) will try to keep to the guidelines and at least now i’ll know if the saloon girls are doing the right thing or not. a few questions: when i prepoo before going to the salon does that mean when i get there i have to sit under a dryer or steamer or i just go shampoo straightaway? and 2, when i shampoo and apply the deep conditioner, do i need to sit under a steamer? and how long do i have to deep condition before rinsing off? and three: which is easier on the hair; wash and set or blow drying? thanks a bunch. ps: my love to ur lil boy, he added some spice to the vids lol :))

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      Am glad you did. I will be posting new videos by next week God willing! I appreciate your comments Cathy.
      1. When you apply your prepoo conditioner, you can leave it in your hair for about 30 minutes before you get to the salon so you don’t have to sit under the dryer again.
      2. Yes when you apply the deep conditioner, you should sit under a steamer for about 20 minutes.
      3. Wash and set is a bit better than blw drying because you don’t have to pull too much on the hair. Besides, you would usually flat iron after blow drying. I don’t encourage regular flat ironing: it’ll damage your hair. Just make sure that the dryer is not too hot when you sit underneath.
      LOL. :) my son kept asking me to show him who I was speaking to!! Don’t
      forget to share this page with your friends!! Take care.

  2. Melanie says:

    Very nice vids, thanks a lot for sharing, sometimes we run so much that we dont get time to take care of our hair, but doing the right thing saves time because results will last longer, so I find this very informative and I´ll definitely follow all the tips.