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    30 July, 2014

    Relaxer day – 17th July 2014

    Hi guys…sorry for the delay in giving you my relaxer day update. I wanted to do the post on my love-hate relationship with relaxers first. Don&#...
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    22 July, 2014

    Hair diary – 21st/22nd July 2014

    In my last post, I was telling you guys that I did some bantu knots. I took them out yesterday and loved the definition and softness. I didn’t u...
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    20 July, 2014

    Hair diary – 20th July 2014

    I want to continue with my weekly hair diaries so that you can have an idea of what I do with my hair daily/weekly. Today, I washed my hair. 1....
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    30 June, 2014

    Month 1 update – #sizzellehairline...

    This video is just to give you guys a quick update on what I have been doing for the hairline challenge.   At night, I have been moisturising my ...
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    5 June, 2014

    My experience with rhassoul clay

    So, I decided to try out rhassoul clay on my relaxed hair. I dissolved about 75 g in warm water. As a true ‘mixologist’, I decided to turn...
Sizzelle Nigerian online store

Update on my Sizzelle online store

So, I just wanted to give you guys an update on my Sizzelle online store. I appreciate all the ladies and (guys) who have patronized us since we launched the…

sizzelle logo square

Introducing #Sizzelle!

Hello everyone… I just wanted to do a brief introduction of my online store. When I first started blogging in 2011, my Nigerian readers would ask me that they wanted…


Mid-week wash day

Hi peeps. I was really enjoying my hair after my last wash day. If you recall, I had deep conditioned my hair overnight. My hair needed no moisturizer for 2…


Wash day – 22nd/23rd August 2014

I’m a confirmed mixologist. I mix products for two main reasons: 1. I like many products and don’t want to miss out on their benefits. So, I mix them altogether….

Graphic of a digital sound on black bottom

SUNDAY SOUND OUT: Tea rinses? Greenhouse effect? Aloe Vera?

Q1: Hi. Please I would like to try the black tea rinse but I have some questions. Please how many weeks post-relaxer should I try it? Should I pre-poo as always? While moisturizing…

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