Hairstyles I liked from the Grammys Awards 2014

Katy Perry
I totally love this sleek updo!!


These tousled waves give Ashanti a really nice, playful look. I simply adore this look on her!


Tamar Braxton


Alicia Keys
I’ve always admired Alicia’s ‘pompadour’ updos and this one is just spot on!


I’ve never really liked the dark root trend. Or maybe it’s because I’ve never done it. However, I love the soft waves because they make me think of doing a braid out.


Amber Rose
She makes me want to cut my hair!


Pregnant but still looking beautiful!


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2 Comments to Hairstyles I liked from the Grammys Awards 2014

  1. ebonycprincess says:

    80-90% of our favorites are the same! Great taste!!! lol!

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