Back to the basics: cleansing your hair (shampooing and other things)

        Cleansing your hair is a very important step in hair management. What you use to cleanse your hair, how you do it, how frequently, etc all contribute to the health of your hair. To reduce damage from cleansing your hair, it’s so important to do a prepoo. I’ve talked about the importance of prepooing several times on this blog. [Read Back to the basics: prepooing].      What you use to cleanse your hair can either leave your feeling stripped or soft and there are severalRead More

How to shop for hair products part 2: Choosing a shampoo

         One of the most important part of your hair regimen is what you use to cleanse your hair. There are several ways of cleansing your hair and they include using a normal conditioner, using a cream cleanser/conditioning cleanser or using a  shampoo. The last option usually leaves your hair the cleanest and the first option doesn’t really remove much oil and dirt from your hair although some people will argue otherwise. (People that only use conditioner to cleanse their hair call this the ‘no-poo method’. Some others use it inRead More

Sulfate free shampoos I like

     Since I discovered Hair one cleansing conditioner with tea tree oil, I hardly use traditional shampoos anymore. Sometimes though, I use them when I feel that my hair has a lot of build-up of hair products. I also like to use a clarifying shampoo a week before I relax. After clarifying, I like to deep condition with a mild protein reconstructor. My two favorites are Motions Cpr Conditioner Protein Reconstructor and Joico K Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor I usually follow this up with a moisturizing conditioner. I have alsoRead More

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