Hair conditioner



Hello dear people. I bought this deep conditioner in October but I just hadn’t gotten around to using it until my last wash day. I picked it because it doesn’t contain any cetyl/cetearyl alcohol, vegetable glycerin or coconut oil. If you have been reading my most recent posts, you might have seen that I have been avoiding these ingredients. Full product name: BLUE ROZE BEAUTY Strawberry Hibiscus Deep Conditioner Product Directions: Use with steamer, steam cap or dryer for 30 minutes for maximum benefits. Use for the minimum of five minutes. ProductRead More

Making a homemade leave in conditioner and hair sealing oil

     In a recent post, I described how I made a homemade protein conditioner using palm oil, avocado and natural yogurt. (To read this post, click HERE). After shampooing my hair, I applied a homemade banana-mango conditioner  and left it in for about 15 minutes before rinsing it out. I didn’t like the texture of this conditioner and it was too runny. When I rinsed it off, it didn’t make my hair soft AT ALL.  My verdict: “I will not be making this conditioner again”. I’ll keep trying toRead More

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